About Us

Why Isha Care?

During 2009, unemployment nationwide skyrocketed. Just in the past two years, the rate of individuals without jobs has nearly doubled as compared to the past few years. Due to high individual premiums, it is impossible for most unemployed Americans to afford healthcare insurance, and in Warren county alone, the unemployment rate in October 2009 peaked at 12.5%(1).

Even more alarming is that nearly one-out-of-three (32.4%) Tennesseans went without health insurance for all or part of the 2008 -2009(2). Despite the high rate of unemployment, of these nearly 75% were working during that period(2). This means that most uninsured Tennesseans are working to support themselves and their families but are still unable to afford health insurance.

But there are also many people in the U.S. living well below the poverty line, and the state of Tennessee is far above average. In 2006 the national average for people living below 125% poverty line was 16.6%, with Tennessee at nearly 20%(3). That means one-in-five Tennessee residents are struggling to meet their basic necessities, and health insurance is far beyond their economic reach.

Compounding financial hardship of being able to afford adequate health care is the rising cost of health care in the United States. A recent report published by the Commonwealth Fund ranked the U.S. last in quality of health care among developed countries, yet Americans are spending more than twice what other nations are spending on personal health care.(4) This means that we are paying much more and getting much less. In an average household, the cost of health care is often more than the cost of food and mortgage payments.

What we're doing...

Isha Care, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization founded in September of 2008, is a grass roots effort in response to this growing need for health care. Its services are targeted toward the low income and recently unemployed residents of Warren and Van Buren counties who are unable to afford insurance. The Isha Care Clinic, currently operating out of Harrison Ferry CIC building, provides free doctor's exams and visits, discounted rates for prescription medication, referrals for discounted medical testing, and educational health counseling. The clinic puts an emphasis on total health, well-being and disease prevention with non-emergency medical treatments for a variety of common and easily treatable ailments. As the Isha Care clinic continues to expand the scope of services, it has become necessary to establish a permanent location in order to provide better and more sustainable care for the residents of our community. The clinic is seen as a joint effort with local community leaders and volunteers to provide care to those who need it with minimal administrative costs and an unpaid volunteer workforce. For this reason, every dollar donated to Isha Care goes directly toward providing these services to those who have nowhere else to turn. We are seeking support in creating a basic facility to realize the full potential of the clinic.

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